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Since 1993
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The Porsche of engineered flooring. We all might be sold on looks in the end, but it’s important to remember that when it comes to today’s wood flooring products, there’s a lot going on beneath the top layer surface.
3 layer engineered wood floors come with both top and bottom layers in same Oak timber and are considered to be the best perfectly balanced engineered wood flooring. This is obviously a superior quality because by using the same timber on the bottom layer provides an equal counter balance to the top layer.

1. 4 mm oak wear layer on top.
2. 4 mm counterbalance same timber on bottom layer.
3. Central supporting layer in hardwood.
4. Tongue & groove on all 4 sides.
5. Optional micro bevel on 2 long sides, all 4 sides, or no bevel.
6. Water resistant Epi glue.
Thickness 16/21 mm
Length 1800 - 3000 mm
Width 220/240/260/300 mm

2 layers of oak

2 layers of oak