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Since 1993
Why engineered?
Choosing wood flooring
Care and maintenance
Installing engineered wood flooring
Technical specification

This section is designed to make you an informed buyer of hardwood engineered flooring.



Traditionally, 2 layer engineered flooring comes in either generous 21 mm or 16 mm total thickness. Such is produced by using either 6 mm top layer bonded to 15 mm waterproof birch plywood, or 4 mm top layer bonded to 12 mm ply core. Custom constructions are available upon request.

A classic 3 layer flooring comes in 14 mm thickness and is made using 4 mm top layer, 1,5 mm balancing layer of birch veneer on the buttom. Cross laid hardwood planks come in the middle section.



Tongue and Groove 4 Sides machined to a hundredth of a millimeter.

Bevelled tongue in a tongue & groove section for easy jointing.



Epi glued and cold pressed for the best bonding results. Every board is tested to check that it is properly bonded. A sample of boards are laboratory tested on a regular basis to monitor how the bonding works in extreme conditions.


Top layer lamella

The hardwood wear layer is cut from a fresh sawn solid oak board and kiln dried afterwards. This gives a top layer uniform and light structure as opposed to cutting it from a dried board. The process produces a top layer lamella that has the same grain appearance of a solid board. 

The timber comes from FSC certified sources only.
Every wear layer is calibrated to a consistent thickness.


Core plywood layer

Birch ply.


9 core layers bonded together.

Calibrated and sanded.

All birch layers, no mixed spieces.

Extra resistance and increased stability due to 9 layer construction of quality plywood.

100% FSC and CARB certified.


Thermal conductivity: λ=0,17 W/mK (applies to 21 mm thickness).

Thermal resistance: Rc=0,12 m2K/W (applies to 21 mm thickness).


Thermal conductivity: λ=0,17 W/mK (applies to 16 mm thickness).

Thermal resistance: Rc=0,09 m2K/W (applies to 16 mm thickness).



Widths: 120, 140, 160, 180, 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, 300 mm.

Lenghts: 2000/2400 mm packs with one nested layer.



Two coats of natural oil, properly dried between coats. 

Eight coats of non-toxic lacquer. Light natural appearance with high durability.

Antique distressed, fumed, double fumed, neutral lacquered, brushed and oiled, french grey, white wash and many more to order.



Well balanced moisture content of the wear layer and core layer. Slowly Kiln dried 8-10% to British Standard BS8201.

True European Oak. Quercus Robur. Beautiful bright wood with proper characteristics of grain, knots and colour.

Only certified European oak and water resistant birch plywood is used.

Energy produced to kiln wood and heat warehouses comes from recycling wood waste.